Physics-Based Motion Planning with Tactical Models

This video shows simulated physics-based motion planning examples in several challenging domains, including robot minigolf, robot soccer, and pool.

The underlying planning algorithms are described in my PhD Thesis "Physics-Based Robot Motion Planning in Dynamic Multi-Body Environments" (CMU-CS-10-115), Stefan Zickler, 2010.

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Robowranglers are Bringing Home the Gold!!!!

Robowranglers are Bringing Home the Gold!!!!

Win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Racksolutions Inc! Thanks L3 Integrated Systems! Thanks Greenville Highschool! Thanks Simbots! Thanks Thunderchickens! Way to go Robowranglers!!!!

The Greenville FIRST Robotics team wins!  I'll be sure to post some video of the winning match as soon as I can find it.  For now, here's a sampling of the Regional matches.

More about the win here: GHS Robotics Team World Champions

Worlds Fastest Hexbug


Super-charged Hexbug runs about twice the speed of a stock bug.

I modified the body to accept the slightly longer body of a zip-zaps motor and hacked the battery compartment to fit one more cell. Faster motor plus more voltage equals one fast bug. I don't know for sure what the circuit is rated for, but I don't suspect 4.5V will have an adverse affect on it's life.

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