Christmas Light Hero

Check out our 2011 game too! Angry Birds...

What do you get when you mix a Christmas Light show with Guitar Hero? Christmas Light Hero! A real game you play with a wii wireless guitar controller. Optional TV screen is available if you get in trouble, but if you use the screen, you don't get your name in the high score list. Song is "Cliffs of Dover" by the incredible Eric Johnson.

Video of our follow up Christmas Light game is here:

Doko Single Trade Game – DokoDrop Doko Single Trade Game (design/colors may vary): Toys & Games

  • DOKO Includes doko authentication card, skin holder, and decal
  • It has a unique 8-digit serial number laser-etched on the edge and a scanable bar code
  • Once you register your Doko, the points will be added to your account
  • Doko points are redeemable for real-world stuff like gift cards at stores and discounts on merchandise
  • You can safely chat, message, play games and track your Doko

More info can be seen at Doko! A New Online Game for Tweens.