Twitpocalypse Was a Semi-Hoax Viral Marketing Thing.

So Twitpocalypse has passed and nothing bad happened. No fail whale, dead birds, or broken clients. Now it appears that it was all a viral marketing ploy.

Martin Dufort, CEO of Canadian application developer Wherecloud, says he put up the fear-mongering page as "a viral marketing move." The page tongue-in-cheekily predicts that when the absolute number of Tweets hits 2,147,483,647 (the highest number a 32-bit signed integer variable can store), Twitter applications using the faulty variable type will be "very likely to malfunction or crash."

via Twitpocalypse? Nah. | Technology | Los Angeles Times.

Pownce Social Network

Pownce appears to be YASN (yet another social network) that lets you broadcast messages to your friends, kinda like twitter but different.  For $20/year you can also send files up to 100MB.

I've got 6 invites, comment if you want one.

They've got a blog too with promise of a public API coming soon.