Things I am Not Today

The diversity of PR type emails that I receive has gone up markedly in the last two weeks. It appears that I was added to a mommy blogger PR list at some point and press releases targeted at that demographic now outnumber the things I am interested in my inbox.

So today, I am not:
A pregnant blogger worried about losing post pregnancy belly weight.
A soccer mom worried about gas prices.
An interior designer trying to get in touch with my masculine side.
Capable of reading Russian, Chinese, or Portuguese.
A liberated woman trying to make sense of religion.
Interested in reciprocal links.

And that's just since 6am this morning.

I'm working with some friends on an outlet to post some of the more inappropriate press releases we receive. Watch here for a link. Even if it doesn't prove to be very well read, it will be a fun outlet.

Geek Chow, Kibble for Geeks, take 2

My latest little project, GeekChow.

I'm getting tired of the politics and doomsday predictions that have started to dominated the "popular vote" type sites like Digg and Reddit so I've come up with what I hope is a good alternative.

Geek Chow is based on the open source Pligg (a Digg clone) and gets it's news from a select pool of RSS feeds. As the importer reads the feeds it is applying some Bayesian magic to each article to give it an appropriate vote boost.

I am open to suggestions for adding feeds, the more the merrier, but I do require that they be at least 90% geek with no politics or religion. It's not that I don't always like to debate either subject, it's just that I tire quickly of people bitching about and debating the things we cannot change.

Don't be discouraged if you think the current votes aren't good. The Bayes isn't well trained yet and needs more articles and votes to get an idea of what people like.

So please, check out Geek Chow and let me know what you think, offer feed suggestions, or criticize the site. Self promotion is ok too, if you have a truly geek blog, let me know and I'll add the feed.

Geek Chow, Kibble for Geeks

On a crazy whim I setup tonight and installed a copy of Pligg. I'll try to finish the site tomorrow night and post a bigger announcement and maybe a contest to get the traffic moving.  I just need to skin it with some sort of logo, add a banner or two and load up a lot more RSS feeds.  If you have suggestions, please drop me a comment here.

The goal will be something like Digg, but loaded from a select set of geeky feeds.  Less politics, less climate doom, and more geek.  Geek Chow, kibble for geeks.