Installing Solid Works Student Design Kit on XP SP3

I created a new VM today using VirtualBox. It was a fresh bare bones XP install with all service packs, upgrades, and all optional software from Windows Update installed.

The Solid Works 2008-2009 Student Design Kit kept responding with "Can't find applicable resource DLL.". I even received a similar message if I drilled down and tried to run the english .msi install file directly.

Of course without knowing which DLL it's a bit difficult to add/replace/repair it. After an all too long Google session I finally found the answer on a Mac forum. Evidently this problem is only common on fresh clean XP machines.

The solution is easy though, just install the newest Microsoft .NET Framework and C++ redistributables.

Google can find them, just be warned that MS isn't very good at telling that you're on an old download page. I tried version .NET 3.0 before I realized 3.5 was the newest and went hunting for it.

Woof Ball

For some reason this looked like a woot ball to me this morning.  Maybe I've been looking at too much.

Orbee-Tuff balls that speak your dog's language. These super tuff Orbees are sure to last for even the toughest chewers. They aren't textured like the original Orbee balls, but instead have a smooth exterior and raised lettering. Is it time to play yet?? What exactly is Orbee-Tuff?

Woof. Ball on Amazon.