Explosives Specialist

1.) Go to Career Cruising
2.) login nycareers; password landmark
3.) Take the career match maker quiz and list the top 10 responses

I'd take #4 if it paid better than $50k.

1. Engineering Tech (no thanks)
2. Computer Engineer (done the software side, getting bored with it)
3. Electrical Engineer (maybe)
4. Explosives Specialist (boom!)
5. Mechanical Engineering Tech (Meh, no thanks)
6. Electronics Engineering Tech (Might be ok if it paid)
7. Electrical Engineering Tech (maybe)
8. Aerospace Engineer (This could be fun with #4)
9. Optical / Ophthalmic Lab Technician (nope)
10. Industrial Designer (yea right)

Some select ones from farther down the list.

15. Cabinetmaker (Maybe)
19. Fashion Designer (See Also Mark's response.)
23. Farm Equipment Mechanic. (Done it, no thanks)
24. Dental Lab Tech. (No way)

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95th Percentile Bandwidth Tracking

I've had a need recently to learn how 95th percentile works and found a LOT of information and misinformation on the net about it. I'll refrain from commenting much about the politics of billing on the 95th percentile, that's a whole 'nother can o' worms.

So here's the short description:

  • Store the 5minute averages of traffic.
  • Sort the samples descending.
  • Throw away the top 5% of the samples.
  • The highest number remaining is what you bill. (usually in mbps)

That isn't the same as calculating the peak bandwidth and multiplying it by .95. It's also not the same as taking the total bandwidth used and multiplying it by .95. The customer is billed on some arbitrary rate of bandwidth sometimes this is good, sometimes not.

At first it seems that you need 5 minute data for every customer for the entire month to do accurate calculations, but there is a way that you only need to keep about 37 hours of data through the month.

A month with 31 days contains 8928 sample periods. The top 5% or 446 of those will be discarded. The 447th will be what we bill the customer on. We can start out the month filling up the 447 slots. When they are full, all future samples are tested against them. If they are greater then #447 they get inserted in the list and 447 drops off.

This reduces our storage costs from 8928 samples per month per server to just 447. At the end of the month we save the 447th slot clear the buffer and start over.

Now I'm off to see if I can code that in SQL.

FindCherylHuish.com – Please help us find Cheryl Huish!

thumbnail FindCherylHuish.com - Please help us find Cheryl Huish!

Cheryl Ann Huish has been missing from New Braunfels, Texas since February 28th, 2007. Cheryl is 36 years old. She is 5 feet 3 inches tall with dark blond hair, a prosthetic right eye and a facial scar. She was last seen wearing jeans, a pink jacket, and a blue tank top. Her car was found at Hinman Island located inside Landa Park in New Braunfels, Texas.

Please pass this on. The more people who see her picture, the more likely she is to be found. Cheryl and her family are my next door neighbors. Unfortunately in the month and a half since we've moved here, our lives have been too hectic for more than a passing hello. Cheryl and Chuck have raised a couple of well behaved and polite boys whom my kids have played with almost every day we moved. I pray that all turns out well and that I get the opportunity to meet both of them properly soon.

Yay, I’m going to SXSW!

My employer was generous enough to send a couple of us to SXSW next weekend! I'll be driving up to Austin with Mark.
Let me know if you'll be there and we could meet up if you'd like.

I'm still working out my schedule but will post it here once I have a rough idea which sessions I'd like to attend.

Wii Less No More

nintendo_wii_1.jpg I picked up a Nintendo Wii at the Target North in San Antonio this morning. (1604 and Blanco) They still had 10 or so on the shelf if you're interested. I'll try to post about the unboxing tonight.

Pardon Me, I’ve Got To Have a Wii

Nintendo Wii

The bug to buy a Wii has bit me and I'm much too lazy to run around to all the stores so I've written a BASH script to check Amazon and email me when they are in stock.

I'll publish the script right after I order my Wii.

If you've already got a Wii, be sure to check out my growing line of Wii shirts. Ok by growing I mean one, but I do have a list of a more sayings to put on them.

[UPDATE] Printfection though the Wii Hugger shirt was a copyright violation so I've taken it down until I can redesign it a little.  I believe it's a parody and falls well within the fair use laws but don't have the time to argue with anyone about it now.

New Buddy Icon

Wow, the holiday season was busy. I've been posting some links over at lr2.com but neglecting my hobbies.


To kick off the new year I've created a new buddy icon.  I got the idea from a howto that I read a week ago, but did my own thing with The Gimp.  I've since been shown Inkscape and Xara and plan to redo it in one of them soon.  Both are similar vector based drawing packages and open source.  As a bonus they are both available for apt-get on Ubuntu.

I'll try to find the time to post a howto for Inkscape and/or Xara for those of you interested in making your own cartoon caricatures.

68 and 100 LED Waterproof Flashlights Introduced


Treehugger: 68 and 100 LED Waterproof Flashlights Introduced

Fresh from China, comes this ruggedized, waterproof flashlight. It has 68 LEDs that are powered by four AAA batteries. If you need even more LEDs, they have a 100 LED version available. The light is obviously bright, but one reviewer says it's not as focused or as bright as Luxeon type flashlights with reflectors. The price is hard to beat though: $12.99.

Treehugger found this cool LED flashlight.