YouTube – High Voltage Nerf Vulcan

YouTube - High Voltage Nerf Vulcan.

I hooked up three 9.6V batteries to my nerf vulcan.  Now I need to mod the battery compartment to hold them and build some longer chains.  It goes through 25 rounds in about 3 seconds.

This was inspired by ManaPotion's 500 RPM Vulcan mod.  I've reached their fire rate, but hope to push it a little farther with some heat sinks and better motor cooling.  One more 9.6V battery should push it to 666 rounds per minute.

New Year Nerf Mod


I'm kicking off the new year with this quick little Nerf Mod, or how to add a little too much power to a standard cheap NERF N-Strike Nite Finder. I purchased the gun at Target, but they can be found most anywhere toys are sold in a variety of colors. Amazon has a couple listed for 3rd party sale here and here at outragous prices. Look around, you can probably find them for under $10.

I picked up the spring at Home Depot, but I think this one on Amazon is the same:
spring.jpgCentury Spring #C-836 7/8" by 4"

If you try other spring sizes please let me know. I actually think this would be better with a slightly weaker spring. More on that later.
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Starting on a DIY Laser Etching Machine


I picked up this old XY plotter off eBay with hopes of making it work as a Laser Etcher.

So far I've got it working, it passes the self test and I managed to hack up a serial cable to send it an hpgl file. The next step is finding decent hpgl tools for Linux and see if I can get accurate results.