QNAP Technical Support, or Lack Thereof

Just an FYI, if you are thinking of buying QNAP products. Don't.

They do not actually support the products. If you get a defective unit You have to execute the RMA through the reseller.

The problem I have is that eth0 does not come up as a device at boot. eth1 works, but the networking scripts won't assign a default route to eth1, meaning it can't get off the local network until you shell in and manually assign a route.

I could change the scripts, but that doesn't make me feel happy about an $1100 product.

The best way to contact them is via Skype, early in the morning US time. They only respond between 8am and midnight Taipei time. So stay late at work, or call before 11am US Central time.

[09:01:07] Anton Olsen: Hello?
[09:01:38] Text chat only. 09:30~24:00 (GMT+8, Mon.-Fri.).: hi
[09:02:12] Anton Olsen: I have a QNAP 659 Pro+ with a bad eth0 port.
[09:02:40] Anton Olsen: I bought it this week, and started setting it up Wednesday.
[09:03:04] Anton Olsen: eth0 does not work, and it returns an error when I try to "ifconfig eth0"
[09:03:52] Text chat only. 09:30~24:00 (GMT+8, Mon.-Fri.).: hmm can you assign ip on eth0?
[09:03:57] Anton Olsen: no
[09:04:28] Anton Olsen: [~] # ifconfig eth0
ifconfig: eth0: error fetching interface information: Device not found
[09:04:37] Text chat only. 09:30~24:00 (GMT+8, Mon.-Fri.).: that you might contact your re-seller for repair/replace this unit
[09:04:52] Anton Olsen: dmesg, and /var/log/messages make no mention of eth0, just eth1
[09:05:11] Anton Olsen: My reseller is a retail store.
[09:05:29] Anton Olsen: Do you not support your own hardware?
[09:06:02] Text chat only. 09:30~24:00 (GMT+8, Mon.-Fri.).: yes,sorry but qnap RMA will need go through re-seller
[09:06:32] Anton Olsen: ok, I will just return the product, and cancel my order for 2 more. Thanks for proving that your support sucks before I spend any more money.
[09:06:35] Anton Olsen: good bye.
[09:06:54] Text chat only. 09:30~24:00 (GMT+8, Mon.-Fri.).: bye

This really sucks too, because I still like the features and design of the product, but I'm not going to use hardware that won't be supported. After googling for QNAP RMA and QNAP Support, I see that average turn-around on support questions is a few days, and repairs take a couple weeks.