These are my links for July 15th:

  • Behind the Work: Old Spice Responses – Ann-Christine Diaz – Behind The Work – Creativity Online – For the past two days, Old Spice's The Man Your Man Could Smell Like, aka Isaiah Mustafa, has become the king of the social media space, charming the general public, bloggers and journalists with his gravelly baritone, spectacular abs and convoluted wordplay, delivering tailor-made video responses to TMYMCSL's online fanbase.
  • SparkFun Electronics – Miniature Solar Cell – CPC1822 – The CPC1822 is a monolithic photovoltaic string of solar cells with switching circuitry. When operating in sunlight or a bright artificial light environment the optical energy will activate the cell array and generate a voltage at the output.
  • Make Money Writing Online | Gather – I wonder how good this site is.
  • ROILA – Robot Interaction Language – Do you speak robot?
  • nootropic design | code | Toolduino – Toolduino is a simple software tool that lets you easily interact with your Arduino hardware so you can test the circuits you create. Toolduino is written in the Processing languange and is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Toolduino uses the the Arduino library for Processing to communicate with an Arduino board so you can manipulate output pins and read inputs. The Arduino must be running the Firmata firmware that comes with the Arduino IDE. Toolduino is not for use with your own Arduino sketch — you must upload the StandardFirmata sketch to your Arduino before starting Toolduino.

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