Welcome Back to Reality aka 2009

SailingIMG_3537This Monday started our first week back at work after the Christmas break.  We actually got back home Sunday afternoon, but I've been trying to catch up on sleep and work so I haven't had much energy for writing.  I managed to process some vacation photos and they are in this Flickr set.  I have at least another 100 that need some processing that I hope to get to this weekend.  The vacation was awesome and I hope to write about it when I'm done processing and organizing the photos this weekend.

Work is off to a great start this year with no shortage of things to do.  This year promises to be even more fun than the last.

One of our first tasks will be getting VEXRobotics up and running on the new CMS and Cart.  Hexbug.com has been a good trial and we're ready to move on to some bigger and more complex product lines.  I've really enjoyed this challenge and it is exciting to see a product we developed being used by customers and generating real revenue.

The VEX World Championship is in Dallas this year (4/30-5/02).  I will be there taking photos and helping out where I can.  I hope some of my San Antonio friends can come up for a day or two.  Contact me if you are interested in volunteering and I'll get you in touch with the right people.

I'm still writing for GeekDad and have set a goal of 8 posts per month.  I've been averaging closer to 6 or 7 so it isn't a large stretch, but it will require a bit more discipline on when and how I write.  If you have any sufficiently geeky, dad related topics you'd like covered, please send them my way.

There are plenty more things to be excited about, but for now I think I'd better sleep.  Drop a comment below to let me know what you're looking forward to this year.

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