HEXBUG.com is Rocking on Magento

As many of you know I've been dumping a lot of time into getting the backend of HEXBUG.com up and working.  Brandon and Brian did all the layout and graphics work up front, so give them the credit for making it look awesome.

We've been live now for a week, and we are very happy with the statistics.  Magento's blog quoted me after I let them know some of the numbers we've seen.  In summary, visits have jumped over 200%, pageviews almost 300% and sales conversions are 1.5% and climbing.

In other news, Magento and Rackspace (my former employer) have publicised a partnership.  I assume this means some of the Rackspace techs will be trained on installing and setting up Magento.  It is cool that there is another source for Magento hosting.

I'm eager to get started on VEX Robotics next.  Since we're putting a lot of eggs in the Magento basket I'd love to see them do well and continue improving the product.