Vacation Time!

We're having our company Christmas party in The Bahamas this year, so we'll be off-line for about a week.  First stop is Galveston for xmas with my family and to drop the kids off with my sister, then we hit the beach in Nassau. I'll take lots of pictures, but don't count on me uploading any until we get back.

Have a happy winter festival of your choosing and may the next year be full of fun and exciting adventures!

For anyone who's interested, we'll be staying at the Breezes Bahamas resort and on New Years Day we'll be taking an all day island cruise with a stop at Rose Island.

Zipper Mast Helps PackBot Peek Over Walls

Geosystems Situational Awareness Mast (aka Zippermast) from Travis on Vimeo.

Geosystems Situational Awareness Mast (aka Zippermast)

An ingenious method of lifting a camera much farther than any standard boom or scissor lift could.  I'll add this to the list of things to try someday.

UPDATE: Travis points us to the original post with a lot more detail. I've updated the link above and embedded a higher quality vid from Vimeo.  Thanks!

YouTube – High Voltage Nerf Vulcan

YouTube - High Voltage Nerf Vulcan.

I hooked up three 9.6V batteries to my nerf vulcan.  Now I need to mod the battery compartment to hold them and build some longer chains.  It goes through 25 rounds in about 3 seconds.

This was inspired by ManaPotion's 500 RPM Vulcan mod.  I've reached their fire rate, but hope to push it a little farther with some heat sinks and better motor cooling.  One more 9.6V battery should push it to 666 rounds per minute.

Battlestar Galactica Season 4.5

As if the show wasn't intense enough, it appears they are kicking it up a notch or two for the final season.  There are a lot of cool vids, but the new ones (to me anyway) are linked here.  Poke around in the folders on the right for some humorous videos titled "Catch the Frak Up!"

Mark January 16th on the calendar, we're in for a wild trip.