Hurricane Ike Still Sucks

My family still hasn't been able to get back on Galveston island, but we have some 1st and 2nd hand reports of damage.  Anyone east of 61st St will get to go back on Wednesday, but most of them won't have a livable house to return to.  No word yet when the west end gets to go back, probably next week yet.

Dad's house is ok and appears dry.  It was built better than current code and is raised about 9' above the ground on 12x12 posts.  The entire garage and all the contents are a loss.  No windows were lost and the roof, siding, and storm doors all look fine.  The storage sheds took a lot of damage, mostly to the roof.  They don't plan to go back til they have electricity, water, and sewer, but at least their house is livable.

My sister's house took a bath with just over 2 feet of water in the living area and 4 feet in the garage.  Mom's CR-V was in the garage and the water floated some things up onto the hood.  At the very least they'll have to gut the house and remodel.  There is a chance they will have to bring it up to code and raise, or rebuild the house to at least 11' above sea level.  The ground there is about 6' and the house is already up 2' so they don't have too far to go.  I think they half hope they can rebuild but that will depend on insurance.

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