What Do You Do?

What do you tell people when they ask what you do?  I've most recently answered that I am a Web Developer.  For some strange reason this leads them to ask: "Hey, can you fix my email?"  I usually just answer with "um, no." and change the subject.

I've got a couple of easier answers these days.  I'll occasionally tell them I'm a blogger, but that gets strange looks, and or the above mentioned email question.  The most recent and certainly my favorite answer now is that I build robots.  While that isn't really my job, I do get to build robots, and I have access to our lab after work and on weekends so it isn't a lie.  So far only one person has asked me to fix their robot.

2 thoughts on “What Do You Do?

  1. I get far fewer “Can you fix my computer” questions with Software Developer than I did with Web Developer. When they do ask I reply with “Oh, do you run Linux? … Sorry, I only know Linux, can’t help you with Windows.”

    I experimented with War Lord too, they _NEVER_ ask me to fix their computer after that.

  2. I’ve used the Linux escape clause too, and it works reasonably well until they convert. My parents are now running Linux so I actually can (and do) help out from time to time. Fortunately Dad is adept enough to google the answer most of the time.

    I’m sticking with “I build robots” though, it’s definitely the more fun answer and usually results in better conversation.

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