What Do You Do?

What do you tell people when they ask what you do?  I've most recently answered that I am a Web Developer.  For some strange reason this leads them to ask: "Hey, can you fix my email?"  I usually just answer with "um, no." and change the subject.

I've got a couple of easier answers these days.  I'll occasionally tell them I'm a blogger, but that gets strange looks, and or the above mentioned email question.  The most recent and certainly my favorite answer now is that I build robots.  While that isn't really my job, I do get to build robots, and I have access to our lab after work and on weekends so it isn't a lie.  So far only one person has asked me to fix their robot.

New Life for an Old Domain

As some of you know, I also write (wrote) for a blog at lr2.com.  It was a reasonably popular links blog when I cared to post a few times a day.  In the last two years I have all but ignored the site, and traffic has fallen steadily as a result.

Since I am already stretched to write enough content for here, and GeekDad, I have decided to re-purpose lr2.com as a short url site.  I realize there are a lot of sites out there that do this, but I think there is room for one more.  It should run nearly maintenance free, and eventually provide enough network traffic and ad views to help pay for my web hosting.

So if you need some URLs shortened, give it a shot, and feel free to use them in your emails, IMs, and blog posts.