DRM still sucks: Yahoo Music going dark.

DRM still sucks: Yahoo Music going dark, taking keys with it

The bad dream of DRM continues. Yahoo e-mailed its Yahoo! Music Store customers yesterday, telling them it will be closing for good—and the company will take its DRM license key servers offline on September 30, 2008. Sure, it's bad news and yet another example of the sheer lobotomized brain-deadness that has characterized music DRM, but the reaction of most music fans will be: "Yahoo had an online music store?"

Yet another reason to quit buying DRM content.  If you have to ask someone permission to listen to a song, then you didn't really buy it now did you.  Seriously people, Amazon has perfectly legal unencrypted, un-DRM'd MP3s for seriously nice prices.  Why stick with the companies that insist on using DRM?  Do you really think they will be around forever?

Lost Zombies

Lost Zombies Community Generrated Zombie Documentary

In an effort to spread the word of Lost Zombies far and wide we've decided to launch a sticker campaign. We've created several thousand stickers. The stickers are designed to be placed in locations where zombie activity has been observed or suspected. We're providing these stickers free to our members. To get your stickers you need to send us a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope which we will stuff with stickers and send back. We've created a new section on the site where you can submit photos of stickers you've seen or posted. If you have any questions or comments we've created a Sticker Campaign thread in the forums.

This looks like a cool project.