Will’s Mag Bot

Will has finished his 2nd magbot design. This one is a lot more maneuverable than the last but has a few adhesion issues. More magnets should help with that.

I'm getting closer on my Floppy Bot design. I'll try to get some pictures once I print some wheels for it.

Rackspace Files IPO, Will Set Price Via Auction

Update: Rackspace Files IPO, Will Set Price Via Auction

Hosting provider Rackspace filed for an initial public offering with the SEC last night, as we predicted it would. The company will try to raise $400 million, and it intends to set the IPO price through an auction, much like Google did. The underwriters are Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, and WR Hambrecht & Co. (the leading proponent of such IPO pricing). Pricing through an auction is designed to make sure the company raises the most money possible instead of giving up a first-day pop to investors who are allocated shares by the investment banks doing the deal. Shares will still be allocated to such clients, but anyone who bids beforehand in the auction at or above the eventual IPO price will also get shares. All in all, it is a much more efficient way to price an IPO and more companies should do it.

I'm not surprised, rumors have been batted around since I left Rackspace, but it is still interesting.

I suspect the biggest reason that RS needs to raise the cash is because of their tax abatement agreements with Windcrest and the state.  If I remember right they have promised something like 4,000 employees in a rather short amount of time.  The extra cash raised by an IPO would most likely be a part of that plan.

I wish them luck and hope that Fanatical Support doesn't get replaced with Fanatical Dividends.

Robowranglers are Bringing Home the Gold!!!!

Robowranglers are Bringing Home the Gold!!!!

Win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Racksolutions Inc! Thanks L3 Integrated Systems! Thanks Greenville Highschool! Thanks Simbots! Thanks Thunderchickens! Way to go Robowranglers!!!!

The Greenville FIRST Robotics team wins!  I'll be sure to post some video of the winning match as soon as I can find it.  For now, here's a sampling of the Regional matches.

More about the win here: GHS Robotics Team World Champions

Olympic boycott? Exactly the wrong idea

2007-11-12-handcuff-olympic-symbol.jpgOlympic boycott? Exactly the wrong idea

Politicians and pundits who so blithely suggest the United States should boycott the Olympics ought to give up their lifelong dreams and quit their careers in protest. After all, that's what they're asking the athletes to do - give up their lifelong dreams. How many of these politicians and commentators would have the guts to do that?

Most people who know me understand that my interest in sports is quite a bit less than my interest in, oh, just about anything else.  I do however, understand dreams and goals and realize just how hard the athletes have worked.  Most of these people have worked their entire lives for a chance to compete.  If you deny these athletes a chance to earn a medal then you are denying them their future.

If you really want to boycott something, then try boycotting goods produced in China. Though good luck with that since almost everything is made over there.