Vex Introduces Some New Hardware

vex_trophy.pngThe only way to get this rare item is to earn it through competition. When we created the VEX Bridge Battle game and offered it for free on our website, we never imagined that events would spring up all over the globe. Much less that event organizers and competitors would insist on a playoff to determine the best in the world.

There is a bit more info at this Vex Forum post, and at the Bridge Battle entry on

To summarize it all, at the competition in May, Vex and a number of other companies will be announcing plans to provide lower cost alternatives to many of the robot competitions around the word.  Plans include both physical robot competitions using the Vex platform, and virtual design competitions using CAD software.  Click the trophy for a bigger view.  That is one HOT piece of hardware.  Good luck to the competitors!

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