you’ve got 30 minutes… to write a python script


you've got 30 minutes... to write a python script

It's hard to write code when you're hungry, and even harder to concentrate when you've just ordered pizza from dominos and you know that they will be buzzing any minute. I bet you wished that you had a sweet script that could tell you the status of your pizza in real time. Well today is your lucky day.

Hook into the Dominos status page for info on where your pizza pie is.

Suburban Dog

I awoke somewhere around 3am to the barking of the neighbors dog. The wind was gusting to 30 mph or so and every time it'd blow hard the dog would let loose with another barrage of noise. Not troubled by anything resembling fatigue or boredom, "Snowball" as she's known to her family, settled into a perfect rhythm. Bark like hell till everyone is awake, be quiet just long enough for them to drift back to the edge of sleep and repeat.

I don't really blame the dog. She's a typical neglected suburban dog. Living life on a cable tie in the back yard. Her only attention coming from the scoldings of a couple of elementary school aged girls: "Bad Snowball, quiet", "Shut-up Snowball, bad dog", "You're a bad dog Snowball". I wonder where they learned to talk like that.

Somewhere past 4am I was fed up enough to drag my sorry ass out of bed. I got dressed and trecked over to the their house. Ding-dong. No sound, give them a full minute. Ding-dong. Finally a voice. I can't understand it, but I soon see a shadow cross the peep hole, then the door opening, slowly, cautiously. The neighbor is less than thrilled to see my grumpy face.

"Can you please shut your dog up, it has been barking outside my bedroom window for over an hour and everyone in my house is now awake. Thanks." I turn and walk away, too angry to stay and chat. He mumbles something that sounds like compliance but I don't really hear what he said.

I hope he had as much trouble getting back to sleep as I did.

Moose Drool Brown Ale from Big Sky Brewing Company

moose.gifBig Sky Brewing Company in Missoula, MT.

Remember that feeling? That first taste, the best part of a beer after a long day. We want to make that better than ever. So we made Moose Drool. The name sounds a little iffy, but it's really the best Brown Ale you'll ever taste. That's why Moose Drool is far and away the best-selling beer brewed in Montana.

A co-worker brought some back from a trip to big sky country. I don't think it is the best brown ale, but it is good. It is pretty smooth with a clean finish but not really something I'd expect from a brown. It lacks the strong bite that I associate with browns but it is good and should appeal to a wide audience.

My Bear Stearns Employees Need A Job

ZSFA -- My Bear Stearns Employees Need A Job

My Bear Stearns Employees Need A JobWell it looks like things are going very badly at Bear Stearns. As usual, other idiots running the company fucked it up for everyone else, and I really hope someone goes to jail for this shit.

Meanwhile, I have a few employees who work for me that will potentially need new jobs. I’m probably going to need one too, but I’ve gotta look out for my people first.

Right now I’m looking for Ruby on Rails jobs for other people who need to find work. Do not contact me about a job unless it is CTO of a shit kicking company.

Zed Shaw is looking for jobs for his people. Most of whom will soon be ex-Bear Stearns employees. If you know of any positions, click through for his contact info.

Vex Introduces Some New Hardware

vex_trophy.pngThe only way to get this rare item is to earn it through competition. When we created the VEX Bridge Battle game and offered it for free on our website, we never imagined that events would spring up all over the globe. Much less that event organizers and competitors would insist on a playoff to determine the best in the world.

There is a bit more info at this Vex Forum post, and at the Bridge Battle entry on

To summarize it all, at the competition in May, Vex and a number of other companies will be announcing plans to provide lower cost alternatives to many of the robot competitions around the word.  Plans include both physical robot competitions using the Vex platform, and virtual design competitions using CAD software.  Click the trophy for a bigger view.  That is one HOT piece of hardware.  Good luck to the competitors!

Worlds Fastest Hexbug


Super-charged Hexbug runs about twice the speed of a stock bug.

I modified the body to accept the slightly longer body of a zip-zaps motor and hacked the battery compartment to fit one more cell. Faster motor plus more voltage equals one fast bug. I don't know for sure what the circuit is rated for, but I don't suspect 4.5V will have an adverse affect on it's life.

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