Amazon’s Black Friday

Don't mess with the outlet malls, bad parking and over crowded stores, head over to Amazon and do your Black Friday shopping from your desk.

Amazon's Black Friday

They have are 6 rounds with 18 ridiculous deals. I'm picking the Wii ($79), the Panasonic P&S Camera ($74), Razor Scooter ($29), HD Tivo ($89), Magellan GPS ($99), and the 46" Samsung 1080p LCD TV ($719).

Odds of getting any are pretty slim, and I probably can't afford the TV, but it's nice to dream.

4 thoughts on “Amazon’s Black Friday

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  2. Think about zombie shoppers! 3 am awake, loading up on coffee, then around 5 30 am when the time starts,t hey get carts, coat hangars, etc, and they stab each other with them! Meanwhile, zombie cashiers enter the arena and crush skulls with cash register machines! Yeah! Black friday… I call it, Black Friday Gone Wild! Will there be nudity? yes! with blood! Zombie kitties will be around as well, scratching, clawing, biting. Soon everyone will be zombie. I though that by this Black Friday, most everyone would be zombie. Guess Tickle Me Elmo didn’t get into the veins. What is it this year? 28 years later!

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