Moving Day Approacheth

We are picking up the U-Haul on Dec 8th and will be loading it through Sunday afternoon.  If you want to help, give me a call or IM me.  We won't be in a hurry, and aside from the furniture, most of the stuff will be staged in the garage.

Amazon’s Black Friday

Don't mess with the outlet malls, bad parking and over crowded stores, head over to Amazon and do your Black Friday shopping from your desk.

Amazon's Black Friday

They have are 6 rounds with 18 ridiculous deals. I'm picking the Wii ($79), the Panasonic P&S Camera ($74), Razor Scooter ($29), HD Tivo ($89), Magellan GPS ($99), and the 46" Samsung 1080p LCD TV ($719).

Odds of getting any are pretty slim, and I probably can't afford the TV, but it's nice to dream.

300 miles later

I'm back in Greenville. I left home about 6am and managed to get into the office just after 10. Not a bad commute really. I think it took me that long to drive 8 miles in DC on more than a few occassions.

Just 6 round trips left before we're all moved up here. I think I better buy stock in Jiffy Lube. Let's just hope gas prices don't go up too much before then.

Lunch today was my choice and I picked Soulman's BBQ. Good ribs, turkey, brisket, and ham. The sausage had a strange spice but was still pretty good.

Now it's time to sleep, g'night all.

Day Two at IFI

I'm off to a good start at the new job.  For the curious, I'm working at Innovation First Inc.  They make the very cool VEX Robotics parts and participate in many of the High School robotic competitions across the country.

We're still waiting for our new office area to be built out so space is limited, but I've got my new computer and will be setting it up here shortly.

I "moved" into the house last night if you can call a folding table and an air mattress moving.  I'll be bringing a full car load up each weekend until the final move in December.

The Happy Sorrow of Moving On

Today was definitely the hardest day of my professional career.  I'm leaving a company that I dearly love and a wonderful group of individuals who challenged me to grow professionally and socially.

Many years ago I made a promise to myself that I would never pass up a good opportunity and one was recently presented to me.  My criteria are that it must be  interesting, challenging and lucrative.  It scores well on all three with bonus points for robots, and catered lunches.

Today was a real test of that promise but I'm confident in my decision that I must move on to grow.  I will really miss my friends and family from Rackspace and I will do my best to keep in touch.  I hope that you will do the same.