Radiohead – In Rainbows

picture01.jpgWell, I picked up my Radiohead CD today.  It came via email as a link to a zip file of 10 160kbit mp3s.  I was hoping for at least 192 or better, but the sound quality so far seems OK.  I'll reserve judgment until I listen with headphones though.

 As for the album itself, it's interesting.  Not my normal genre, but fits with my mood recently.  It's kinda mellow, kinda noisy, a little punk and a whole lot of experimental.

It's a good listen and if you have a spare pound or zero, you can get it yourself from their web site for whatever price you name.

I paid £2 for my copy, which after processing fee and exchange rate turned into $4.95.  I chose to pay that on the assumption that they only make a buck or two on a regular CD.  I wanted to pay them more than they get with a CD, but not pay more than half what I could buy it on iTunes.  Time will tell what people really paid and how much they make with this model.  I really hope it works out.

One thought on “Radiohead – In Rainbows

  1. I paid 5£ which turned into 8€ after the bank credit card comission, and the funny thing is that after one week of sells, the average amount paid has been 8€.

    If I had read your reasons I would have paid less, I agree with you at a 100%. I just wanted this experiment to be succesful, and it has proven to be so.

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