Extending Vim with Python

Extending Vim with Python - Program - Python - Builder AU

If you're a user of the text editor Vim, chances are you are already impressed with the number and power of its inbuilt features. If you've ever tried to add your own functionality to the editor but been turned off by its arcane Vimscript language, then you'll be pleased to know that Vim now supports internal Python scripting.

You'll need the python-vim package on ubuntu to get this to work.

GMail gets IMAP

GMail has finally added IMAP support.  It's apparently not available on all accounts, but both of my accounts (gmail and for domains) have it.

I don't know for sure if I'll use it since I'm so accustomed to the GMail interface, but it might be nice for offline reading.  Now if they'd just come up with a way to write to the calendar from apps like Evolution I'll be happy.

Moody Marlin

moodymarlin-crw_7407_1.jpgMoody Marlin is my suggestion for the Ubuntu release that starts with and M, should be sometime in 2010.  Sorry for the quality of the picture.  I took it in low light at about 95 mph.

Remember, This Stuff Is Supposed To Be Fun

Coding Horror: Remember, This Stuff Is Supposed To Be Fun

If you love software as much as I do, you deserve to work at a company where people come to work not to punch a clock, but because they love software, too. You deserve to work at a company where software engineering is respected. You deserve to work at a company where peers meet to enjoy building software together.*

This pretty much sums up my reasons for moving on.

SSH Keys Howto Quicky

Toss this little shell script in your bin dir and you can quickly create and setup ssh keys between your client and server. I called it sshkeys.sh but you can name it what you want.



if [ "$1" == "" ] ; then
   echo "Usage: $0 <[user@]server>"

if [ ! -f "${KEY_PRIVATE}" ] ; then
   echo Creating the private and public keys.
   ssh-keygen -t dsa -f "${KEY_PRIVATE}" -N ''

if [ -f "${KEY_PUBLIC}" ] ; then
   cat "${KEY_PUBLIC}" |
   ssh "${1}" "mkdir -p ~/.ssh ; cat >> .ssh/authorized_keys2 ; chmod -R go-rwx ~/.ssh"
   echo Unable to find "${KEY_PUBLIC}"

Run this, enter your pass once, and then you're free to ssh without entering a password.

Watch for line wraps in your browser, especially the ssh line.

Radiohead – In Rainbows

picture01.jpgWell, I picked up my Radiohead CD today.  It came via email as a link to a zip file of 10 160kbit mp3s.  I was hoping for at least 192 or better, but the sound quality so far seems OK.  I'll reserve judgment until I listen with headphones though.

 As for the album itself, it's interesting.  Not my normal genre, but fits with my mood recently.  It's kinda mellow, kinda noisy, a little punk and a whole lot of experimental.

It's a good listen and if you have a spare pound or zero, you can get it yourself from their web site for whatever price you name.

I paid £2 for my copy, which after processing fee and exchange rate turned into $4.95.  I chose to pay that on the assumption that they only make a buck or two on a regular CD.  I wanted to pay them more than they get with a CD, but not pay more than half what I could buy it on iTunes.  Time will tell what people really paid and how much they make with this model.  I really hope it works out.

Geek Chow, Kibble for Geeks, take 2

My latest little project, GeekChow.

I'm getting tired of the politics and doomsday predictions that have started to dominated the "popular vote" type sites like Digg and Reddit so I've come up with what I hope is a good alternative.

Geek Chow is based on the open source Pligg (a Digg clone) and gets it's news from a select pool of RSS feeds. As the importer reads the feeds it is applying some Bayesian magic to each article to give it an appropriate vote boost.

I am open to suggestions for adding feeds, the more the merrier, but I do require that they be at least 90% geek with no politics or religion. It's not that I don't always like to debate either subject, it's just that I tire quickly of people bitching about and debating the things we cannot change.

Don't be discouraged if you think the current votes aren't good. The Bayes isn't well trained yet and needs more articles and votes to get an idea of what people like.

So please, check out Geek Chow and let me know what you think, offer feed suggestions, or criticize the site. Self promotion is ok too, if you have a truly geek blog, let me know and I'll add the feed.