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On a crazy whim I setup tonight and installed a copy of Pligg. I'll try to finish the site tomorrow night and post a bigger announcement and maybe a contest to get the traffic moving.  I just need to skin it with some sort of logo, add a banner or two and load up a lot more RSS feeds.  If you have suggestions, please drop me a comment here.

The goal will be something like Digg, but loaded from a select set of geeky feeds.  Less politics, less climate doom, and more geek.  Geek Chow, kibble for geeks.

SXSW Panel Proposal

Mark Morga and I have submitted a proposal to SXSW Interactive for a panel idea. We hope to be able to present on web application testing.

The panel process puts the suggestions up for vote by the community and that voting period will end at midnight on Friday. If you have a few spare moments, please consider voting for our panel (and any others that pique your interest. (Registration is required to vote).

Our proposal is here:

The general Panel Picker page is here:

Once the votes are counted the SXSW panel will take 3-4 weeks to decide which panels will get the green light.


Explosives Specialist

1.) Go to Career Cruising
2.) login nycareers; password landmark
3.) Take the career match maker quiz and list the top 10 responses

I'd take #4 if it paid better than $50k.

1. Engineering Tech (no thanks)
2. Computer Engineer (done the software side, getting bored with it)
3. Electrical Engineer (maybe)
4. Explosives Specialist (boom!)
5. Mechanical Engineering Tech (Meh, no thanks)
6. Electronics Engineering Tech (Might be ok if it paid)
7. Electrical Engineering Tech (maybe)
8. Aerospace Engineer (This could be fun with #4)
9. Optical / Ophthalmic Lab Technician (nope)
10. Industrial Designer (yea right)

Some select ones from farther down the list.

15. Cabinetmaker (Maybe)
19. Fashion Designer (See Also Mark's response.)
23. Farm Equipment Mechanic. (Done it, no thanks)
24. Dental Lab Tech. (No way)

[via fuzzykitty]

A New $500 contest at McGrath Dot CA

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