Starting on a DIY Laser Etching Machine


I picked up this old XY plotter off eBay with hopes of making it work as a Laser Etcher.

So far I've got it working, it passes the self test and I managed to hack up a serial cable to send it an hpgl file. The next step is finding decent hpgl tools for Linux and see if I can get accurate results.

2 thoughts on “Starting on a DIY Laser Etching Machine

  1. Anton I would love to know if you got this working as I have a pen plotter at home that working and would love to modify it for laser etching the problem I forsee is raising the height of the bar so I can fit thicker materials under it and that not a huge on just have to think about it and sourcing the laser and an apporit power supply was think I could rig the pen down action to activate the laser good work Lad hope it pans out

  2. Unfortunately I haven’t had time to play since I got it working that far.

    I was stuck on finding a good way to convert svg to hpgl. I found a few CLI tools that would do it, but the scale and/or start point were often off. I’ve shelved the project, but will bring it back up again soon.

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