Google Page Rank Train 50 Dollar Contest

50-dollars.jpgSome Make Money is giving away $50 for some linkage. Follow the directions below and go post a comment about it here for a chance at a portrait of Grant.

** Start Copy Here **

We all know how important getting link backs is and with this chain, you can get the ball rolling! You don’t have to be an established blogger to take part in this chain.Here are the rules:
1. Copy this post from the point where it says “Start Copy Here” to the point where it says “End Copy Here”2. Add yourself and 5 of your favorite bloggers to the end of the list.
3. Post this on your blog

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**End Copy Here**

4 thoughts on “Google Page Rank Train 50 Dollar Contest

  1. hey there. I love the train that is rising. It is such a great way to get some link love. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind changing my url that is listed in the train. I bought a domain name and so now I am spending all day trying to contact the people who are on the train so that they can change this. The old url still works but it will start off with a page telling people that I moved. I wanted to get everyone to start going to my new site. You can find the new url in my name. Thanks a million and happy blogging.

  2. I forgot to add that the train has gotten bigger so you might want to visit some of the people who have been previously on the list for updates on the urls on the list. I went to some make money and picked up a few more and then I visited the other sites to see who all was below me.

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