Das Keyboard


I'm blogging this with a friend's Das Keyboard. So far I don't miss the letters on the keys at all. We'll see in a short bit when I start coding some Python though.dasbig.jpg

They claim 100% improvement in typing speed, and I can see how it might work that way. On the very few occasions that I am tempted to glance at the keyboard I'm not rewarded so I've learned to quit doing it.

At $90 I'm not sure I'll buy one soon, but I think it's now on my would like to have someday list. The tactile feel of the keys is reminiscent of the old IBM keyboards, but with slightly less resistance.

3 thoughts on “Das Keyboard

  1. Well, you know all about my fondness for the old-school IBM keyboards … the clickety-click that sounded like a dot-matrix printer when I typed at 100 words per minute … heh But, I stopped using them a few years ago … marriage, noise, etc.

    I ended up painting the whole chassis black, and stripping out a cable and keykaps from one of the “newer” PS/1-type keyboards and, lo and behold, the letters came off the first time I spilled a gin & tonic on it… So…

    I already got one. 😉

  2. Well, if you switch over to using a non-QWERTY layout but keep the QWERTY keys, then you will learn VERY quickly that looking at the keyboard will not help one bit. In fact, you are punished for looking at the keyboard. As is everyone else who tries to use my computer.

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