eBay Feedback Games

I had been using The Real Mother Goose for eBay feedback, but it was too tough finding lines that didn't have banned words like dick or pussy so I started a little alphabet game. The idea was I'd pick a fruit (or vegetable), animal, insect, and an adjective animal, all starting with the letters of the alphabet. Now that I've reached Z, I'll post the list here in case anyone else cares to use it.

As you can see I got confused a couple times about the order of the elements.

  • A is for Apple, Aardvark, Ant and Anthropomorphic Antelope.
  • B is for Banana, Bear, Bee and Basilica Bats
  • C is for Cherry, Cat, Caterpillar and Chimeric Chimpanzees.
  • D is for Durrian, Dingo, Dragonfly and Daring Dolphin
  • E is for Eggplant, Elephant, Earwig and Emotional Emu.
  • F is for Fig, Frog, Firefly and Fantastic Flamingo
  • G is for Grape, Gorilla, Grasshopper and Gnashing Gnu.
  • H is for Horse, Honeydew, Hornet and Horrendous Hyena.
  • I is for Ibbus, Ita Palm, Inchworm and Ingenious Iguana
  • J is for Jujube, Jackal, Japanese Beetle and Jumping Jellyfish
  • K is for Kiwi, Kangaroo, Katydid and Kindly Koala
  • L is for Lemur, Lime, Ladybug and Laughing Loon
  • M is for Mango, Mastadon, Mite and Meticulous Monkey
  • N if for Nectarine, Narwhal, Nymph and Nocturnal Newt
  • O is for Orange, Ostrich, Orthoptera and an Ornate Orangutan
  • P is for Pineapple, Platypus, Pillbug and a Pompous Pig
  • Q is for Quince, Quail, Queen Bee and a Quiet Quokka
  • R is for Rambutan, Rat, Roseslug and a Raucous Racoon
  • S is for Starfruit, Shrew, Silverfish and a Sly Sloth
  • T is for Tomato, Tiger, Twoleaf Tier, and a Tenacious Trout
  • U is for Ugli, Uinti, Ulysses Butterfly, and a Unharmonious Unicorn
  • V is for Voavanga, Vole, Viceroy, and a Victorious Vulture
  • W is for Watermelon, Wolf, Walkingstick and a Warbling Warbler
  • X is for Xigua, Xenops, Xyelidae and a Xenophobic X-Ray Fish
  • Y is for Yarrow, Yak, Yellowheaded Fireworm, and a Yelling Yorkshire Terrier
  • Z is for Zucchini, Zebra, Zimmerman Pine Moth, and a Zealous Zebu

If you have any ideas on other eBay feedback methods please let me know as I'll need one in a few days.

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