2 thoughts on “Linked In

  1. I just wanted to let you know that I have used linked in for several months and find that it isnt very useful. If people want to contact me to share ideas, they have to pay linked in therefore, they dont contact me. I want to contact someone and share an idea, I have to pay so I dont contact anyone. There is no news on anything…its just a static database….I dont see how it is possibly useful..

    Try http://www.congoo.com or facebook.com. Congoo.com has industry news too. My two cents.

  2. I’ve known a few people who have received job connections through Linked In. It might not be the best network, but it’s a popular one.

    I’m mostly interested in using it to keep in touch with people as they move around. I can see the email address of my direct contacts, and ask for an invite for 2nd level ones without spending any money. Beyond that it appears one of us would have to spend money.

    I’ve had a couple friends recommend facebook recently and I’ll probably take a look soon. I hadn’t heard of congoo yet, but will check it out as well.


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