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Mark and I hosted the first ever San Antonio Show N Tell party last night at his apartment. Picking the guest list was difficult while we tried to find a good mix of people that wouldn't all know each other. As it was just shy of half the attendees work at Rackspace.

Mark started off with a very nice description of what we want to accomplish with the group and a bit of the reasons why and how it all got started. It's all summed up well on the About page of SA Show N Just don't mind the design, I'm working on something a bit more kitschy.

We started off with a supper of home made flautas, refried beans, guacamole, fresh tomatillo salsa, and queso fresca. For dessert I made a crazy looking rice pudding with dyed tapioca pearls, chocolate and mint. I'll post the recipe sometime tomorrow.

The shows for the evening included music, jewelery, knitting, poetry, photography, spinning (yarn), carpentry, gaming and memory books.

Aside from the people I knew from work, I invited a friend whom I'd met on Flickr and her husband. Amber and Danny attend the same church that Deb and I do, but somehow we'd not met until I posted some pictures near the church and Amber commented on them.

I know many of the guests were a bit apprehensive about showing off their talents or performing in front of the group but everyone was well received.

My favorites were Kim's poetry (spoken word, not rhyming), Amber's cabinetry and Danny's MAME cabinet. David showed off his knitting, including the shift socks and an absolutely beautiful candle flame shawl that he'd made for his grandmother. Michael sung a moving song about a poor country man from China who tried to make a go of it in the city. Nachyelli showed off some cool jewelery. Bronwyn demonstrated spinning silk into lace weight yarn with a drop spindle. Monsyne showed off some sketches and a poem he write. Virginia passed around a memory book that she created, and I showed off my time-lapse contraption and the resulting video as well as my kayaks (thanks Flickr for bringing them to Mark's place).

Mark's photo booth setup was a great hit, you can see some of the photos here. I'm hoping that we can refine this idea some and keep it as a re-occuring feature of future events.

Everyone had a great time and I'm sure we'll be doing more of these in coming months. Hopefully with slightly larger venues so we can reach out through these people to find more interesting and talented people to meet.
As David so nicely put it: "I really think this might be the start of something cool."

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