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ESR gives up on Fedora

For the record, I gave up on Fedora for exactly the same reasons about a year ago. Ubuntu rocks, and to date I've only had one small dependency issue which occured when I attempted to jump two full versions with one dist-upgrade. The dependency was fixed in less than a minute and the upgrade continued on without a hitch.

To quote Eric: Fedora, you had every advantage, and you had my loyalty, and you blew it. And that is a damn, dirty shame.

Wii Less No More

nintendo_wii_1.jpg I picked up a Nintendo Wii at the Target North in San Antonio this morning. (1604 and Blanco) They still had 10 or so on the shelf if you're interested. I'll try to post about the unboxing tonight.

Pardon Me, I’ve Got To Have a Wii

Nintendo Wii

The bug to buy a Wii has bit me and I'm much too lazy to run around to all the stores so I've written a BASH script to check Amazon and email me when they are in stock.

I'll publish the script right after I order my Wii.

If you've already got a Wii, be sure to check out my growing line of Wii shirts. Ok by growing I mean one, but I do have a list of a more sayings to put on them.

[UPDATE] Printfection though the Wii Hugger shirt was a copyright violation so I've taken it down until I can redesign it a little.  I believe it's a parody and falls well within the fair use laws but don't have the time to argue with anyone about it now.