8 thoughts on “LED Temperature Thermometer Project

  1. Hi
    I am a engineering student.I did this project.But having problem with measuring temperature.What is the measuring system.I mean how can i determine the temperature of the room.

  2. I tried to do the simulation but it didn’t work. the software that i used to simulate this circuit is ISIS(protuse). it doesn’t have the LM34DZ IC component but it has LM34. so, i applied LM34 instead of LM3DZ. i assumed it has the same function. i followed the the schematic diagram to simulate it but failed. what’s wrong with it?

  3. I don’t know. I have never used circuit simulation software. It could be a problem with the simulation, or differences between the LM34 and LM34DZ chips.

  4. May I know how to connect the trim pot with the pins? I got the circuit diagram but I’m totally confused with the connections and the calibration process, help me please! Thanks for helping~!

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