New Theme

I'm working on a new theme for all the LR2 sites. So far I've only converted the easy ones. I'll tackle later tonight and work on adapting some of our exisitng banner graphics to fit this theme.

For those curious, it's based on WP-Andreas09.

BenchMark-0.9.5 – The Official Wine Wiki

BenchMark-0.9.5 - The Official Wine Wiki

Some interesting benchmark results of WINE vs XP. It'll be interesting to come back in 6 months or a year and see what kind of progress the wine developers have made.

Here are some Benchmark results between Wine and Windows XP, Your mileage will vary depending on your Linux config, Wine version and Hardware.
I plan to do a follow up roughly each six months to see what are rate of progression is and post the results here with /- %'s.

It’s Raining!


It's raining!

Last rain of any sort was the Saturday after Thanksgiving with about half an inch, and before that was Oct 30th with a quarter inch. Not nearly as bad as Oklahoma has, but bad enough to give us an exciting Christmas Eve.

One transistor FM radio project

One transistor FM radio project

Another project to queue up for when the kids are ready.

After exhaustive research into the early articles and some key assistance from a modern day guru in regenerative circuit design, I have developed this simple radio kit. It is a remarkable circuit. It is sensitive, selective, and has enough audio drive for an earphone. Read more about theory behind this radio on the low-tech FM page.

Ubuntu Network Interface Issues.

If you are having problems with a new network card showing up on eth2 or eth1, take a look at /etc/iftab.  More than likely eth0 (and maybe eth1) are assigned to another MAC address.

Change the MAC address to set the interfaces, or comment out the lines and Ubuntu will assign the interfaces in the order the modules are loaded.  Be sure to look in /etc/network/interaces if you change the order of the interfaces.