Moving server

We're moving the lr2 empire from an old slow box at 1and1 to their top of the line root server. This is the first of my sites migrated and all is good. I'm proxying off the old box so anyone who still has the old IP cached will still hit the new server.

For those that care, the new server is a 3Ghz P3 HT, 2GB DDR, 120GB SATA, and 1.5TB traffic. All for the low low price of $119 per month. I have yet to have any good experience with their customer service, but I can't beat the price. The old server never went down in 2 years and the network has been rock solid. It has an uptime of 592 days. It'd be higher if I hadn't rebooted the machine to install a custom kernel.

It's about 8 tons faster than the old server and should allow a lot more room for growth. I've got a complete copy of the old server over here and we still haven't cracked half the disk space.

Tutorial for LEDs and Transistors

Tutorial for LEDs and Transistors

Nice tutorial about LEDs and Transistors.

An LED is the device shown above. Besides red, they can also be yellow, green and blue. The letters LED stand for Light Emitting Diode. If you are unfamiliar with diodes, take a moment to review the components in the Basic Components Tutorial. The important thing to remember about diodes (including LEDs) is that current can only flow in one direction.