All is well after Rita.

Glaveston was spared the worst of Rita and there appears to be little if any damage to my family's property. Haven't head for sure about Dad's place in Jamaica Beach, but the pictures I've seen in the news of similar houses don't show any damage.

San Antonio didn't get a single drop of rain out of the whole event. Rita is actually pulling a lot of hot dry weather over from Arizona. I saw 102F yesterday and looks like we'll got at least two more days before it's drops back into the mid 90s.

It’s been a crazy month.

I'm finally getting settled in Texas. Been helping out a little with the Katrina relief effort here in San Antonio and making frequent trips to Galveston to see family. Looks like my sister's family will be visiting for the weekend while hurricane Rita blows over.

I've been turned onto Ruby on Rails now and will probably be posting some articles here in the near future. From what I've toyed with the language is easy and the Rails architecture has most of what you'd need to build a robust web app. You can build a quick and dirty DB app in a couple minutes if you're satisfied with their scaffolding.