The Cat’s Out.

I let the cat out of the bag today by resigning my job postion of 4 years. My last day will be July 12th, 2005.

I've had my resume active on for about a year now with very few hits and no interest. That all started to change about 2 months ago. The hit counter started moving and I started getting emails from head hunters. Most of them were looking for short term contracts in expensive cities.

I didn't really expect anything, nor was I really that serious about moving. I put in my resume that I wanted to relocate to Texas to be closer to my family, naming Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston as prefered locations. I added a generous salary requirement and left it at that.

The first contact came about 4 weeks ago. Just a few emails with the HR department, then a phone interview with the manager, and ultimately a trip down and a face to face with 4 people, including one of the founders of the company. We ate good Mexican food for lunch with about half the development team. I enjoyed myself immensly and was impressed with the people and their goals. Apparently the feeling was mutual because they made an offer Monday that I couldn't really refuse. It's not much more money, but it is an opportunity to work for a company with clearly defined goals and a profitable track record. I'll be sure to post the name of the company once I'm onboard and understand their policy on blogging.

If posts here are scarce it'll be because I'm getting ready for a long 4th of July weekend in DC, house-hunting and preparing for the move. Should be an exciting month.

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